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Set(Digital+Paper)CONVERTECH International Subscription (1 year)

Bimonthly Magazine
Converting Technical Institute
(Subscription price including shipping (shipping is standard outside Japan))
DigitalFile size: approx. 50 MB (per issue)PaperMedia: A4, 112-128 pages


Subscription Notes
-Subscriptions begin with the latest issue available. If you wish to begin your subscription from an earlier or later issue, please contact us at
-Only one issue or subscription may be purchased at a time.
-The listed price includes shipping.  Please note, shipping is included individually for each order.
-To purchase several items at once or for bank transfer payment, contact us directly at

Convertech International focuses on the many converting technologies behind the webs and sheets (film, foil, paper, nonwoven, textile) essential to a wide range of industries, from flexible packaging to electronics and energy. The magazine also covers the latest trends in the global development of Printable Electronics, a technology aiming to realize revolutionary electronic devices and their applications.